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2014 Reports

September 27, 2014: With regrets, the Proteus took her last trip on Lake Ontario for 2014 but ended on a good note. The Thomas family from Maine shared the water with me and Bobby today and we took three large kings in the harbor area. The magic temperature of 62 degrees was finally reached in the river, down ten feet. Sap sucker J-plugs, back 80 feet was the ticket. One 30 lb boar and two 25 lb hens gave my crew a good workout. I believe the colder temperatures is finally going to pick up the run for the river fishermen. One report from Cold Steel in the deep water ( 300-400 feet) was that some teenage Salmon and some Steelhead were snapping on stinger and warrior spoons, down 80-100 feet. It looks like the October fishery for King Salmon might be much better.
I want to thank all of my customers, my mate Bobby, my fellow Charterboat Captains and my recreational friends for a great but challenging year on the water. Special thanks to my great friend and super webmaster Mo Buckland who always has a better way to do things. Thank you everybody.

September 21, 2014: It has been several days since I posted a fishing report as I have had several cancellations due to poor weather and very slow fishing. The jury is still out on this years run, but it appears to be the weakest in over 20 years. The river temperature is still in the high 60’s and fish are not staging in the lake in their regular places.
Drift boats are taking some Salmon early in the morning off of the Verrick St. spillway. A few have been taken up near the dam but no good numbers. A report from yesterday was that a 29 lb King Salmon had been taken out in front of the harbor in 120 feet of water. It had fresh alewife in its’ belly. Not many charter boats are left in the water so reports are few and far between. I’m still in the water and open for business looking for the late run. I will be honest as to what is going on with the run. Everybody wants to catch fish and not go for a boat ride so the next week will tell.

September 10, 2014: The only show in town if you want Salmon is out in the lake. Warm river temperatures in the high 70’s has kept the lake action good as there is cold water there. King Salmon are being taken west and east of Nine Mile in 110-150 feet of water; In 50 to 52 degree water. Fish are coming on 500 copper , riggers and wire dipseys with flasher fly combo’s cutbait and J-plugs. Try to stay away from boats and pay attention to speed and temperature. Work any good pods of fish until they fire. Good luck!

August 24, 2014: The salmon run is in full swing in Oswego but the fish don’t know it yet. No sugar coating, the early run is light on salmon numbers. Cold water is stacked up on the south eastern shore. At least we don’t have to run far to start fishing. Dodgers and flys, spoons and some cutbait are taking some fish. The charter boat fleet believes it’s going to be a late run as monarch butterflies haven’t made there yearly appearance yet. Time will tell!

August 17, 2014: After a more than four day blow in Oswego, the lake is finally stabilizing; but the temperature is very very deep, 140-160 feet down. Cut down on the rods and dipseys. Run riggers and copper rigs to reach the fish. Dodgers and flys and some spoon combinations are working too. Bigger fish are starting to show in the deep water at 400-600 ft. Hopefully we have a great weekend ahead.

August 11, 2014: The fishing in Oswego is slowly improving and the coming three day blow should help us get back on track. My trip on Saturday and this morning was all about covering water. The deep water has the best action and it’s all on a spoon bite. This morning the action was in 400-600 feet of water, down 60 to 70 feet. 300 copper with pro kings were good and sliders ten feet over a low rod produced a nice King Salmon. Stay tuned!

August 8, 2014: No sugar coating the fishing off Oswego the last ten days has been slow! Any King Salmoln taken are coming early. The phrase of the day is “cover water.” Most of the fish are drive by’s and any application is as good as another. What is needed now is a good three day blow out of the northwest. Some Brown Trout are being taken off of the five stacks in 62-65 degree water. We hope the fishing action will improve soon.

August 3, 2014: Salmon fishing has been a challenge over the last ten days and seems to be better in the morning. Covering a large area of water from 150-500 feet, north and northwest of Oswego has produced some good catches of King Salmon, but it’s hard to put good catches back to back. Kings were taken from 70 to 130 ft down, depending on light conditions. Fish have been taken on riggers, divers, copper with cutbait, dodgers and flys and spoons.with no particular program being the best yet. Spiney water fleas are in full bloom and they must be kept off of your line and presentation to have any kind of success. More and more Salmon are showing up everyday, but they are not coming easy.

July 27, 2014: The water fleas are in full bloom in the lake and they have affected the Salmon fishing big time. Everyone got a late start on the morning outings because of thunderstorms. The fish were scattered. Some fish were taken in 130-300 feet of water, down 70-90 ft on riggers and wire dipseys with cutbait flashers and flys and stinger spoons. The wind is supposed to blow early this week. Maybe it will bring some fish to us. Better fishing is right around the corner!

July 20, 2014: Oswego is where the action is for Salmon on the southeast shore line of  “The Big O.” Good Salmon action in 130-500 feet of water, north and east of the port. Fish are coming 60-80 feet down at first light and dropping t0 80-100 feet as the sun gets higher. Downriggers with echips and cutbait, as well as spin doctors and flys and stinger spoons are all working. Troll at 2.2-2.5 mph in 48-52 degree water for good action. Wire dipseys set at #2-3, 240-260 ft. If wire worked today, cover water and stay away from boats.

July 15, 2014: A stong thermocline has now setup in the lake, making salmon easier to locate. The action today in Oswego was north of port in 175-350 feet of water. The temperature was high early 50-70 feet down until everybody got chased off the water by thunderstorms. Echips, glow white early, with cutbait and uv colors when the sun worked through the cover in late morning. Dipseys set at three and 240-260 ft of wire was good, as well as riggers and 300 copper. The good salmon fishing here! The Proteus has openings for this weekend. Give me a call!

July 13, 2014: The thermocline has finally set up in the deep water and has brought the bait fish into the salmons’ comfort zone. Salmon are being taken in 150-350 feet of water, down 70-110 feet, depending on light conditions. Serveral nice King Salmon have been taken northwest and north of Oswego on riggers, wire dipseys and copper rigs. Cutbait and echips in uv finish are good with white being good at first light. The water fleas starting now so check your gear often. Salmon season is here!

July 7, 2014: The three day blow out of the northwest that ended yesterday was the medicine that brought the King Salmon to Oswego. The charter fleet finally got into mature four year old Kings today ,in 150-300 feet of water, from Fair Haven east to the nuke plants. Fish were taken down 60-80 ft on riggers , dipseys and copper. Echips, spin doctors, flys and spoons all took fish. Stable weather should hold a good amount of King Salmon. Let the fun begin!

June 30, 2014: We are in the mid June to 4th of July lull in the fishing action. The wait for the thermocline set up is almost over. The charter fleet has been slow but will pick up. The off shore lake temp is 48 degrees and is holding Steelhead and Lake Trout. The inshore fishery between Four Mile Point and the nuke plant, in 50-70 ft of water, are taking Brown Trout, 40-70 ft down on riggers and leadcore with stingers and dream weaver lures. Ford Scholls to Junkyard Bay to west Nine Mile are also taking nice Brown Trout early. The Salmon will show up as soon as thermocline sets up. Stay tuned!

June 23, 2014: Fish continue to cruuse the cold water, from 140-400 ft, but they have been on the small side. Team Proteus fished the A- Tom-Mik Challenge on Saturday and we handled nineteen fish on the outing. Spoonage is the only show with UV stingers, warrior and dream weavers off leadcore which produced Rainbow trout, small King Samon and Lake Trout. We only had three fish to weigh in but released plenty of small ones. Congratulations to Team Screamer and to Tom Allen and Steph for a well run, fun tournament. There is no thermocline yet and the fish are scattered. Cover water and drop lines deeper as the sun gets high. Most King Salmon are coming real early.

June 15, 2014: I had the discinct pleasure and honor of having a crew of Wounded Warriors aboard the Proteus. It was a five boat outing for twenty one warriors with Cold Steel, Dixie Dandy, Proteus, Argo and The Other Woman out of the Oswego Marina. We left port at 0600 hrs and went out to 150 feet of water straight out and set up from the surface to fifty feet down on riggers, leadcore, and inline Planers. We took some nice Steelhead and Lake Trout on stingers and warrior spoons, trolling at 2.4-2.6 mph.We were lucky enough to have caught the largest fish in the outing, a twelve lb. Laker. All the good action came on temperature breaks that went from 52 to 48 degrees. The cold water is stll holding fish and there were reports of a few King Salmon being taken water and fish into 150-200 feet of water, in front of the steam station. Leadcore with stingers and NK spoons with red highlites, two or three colors on in line boards produced some Steelhead, King Salmon and Lake Trout for the boat. A northwest troll, going 2.5-2.8 mph was good today. The west wind continues to be our friend. All the fish came from 45 ft to the surface.

June 9, 2014: East winds yesterday broke up the nice temperature breaks in 150-200 feet of water. The Steelhead , Salmon and Lake Trout have moved out to 240-400 feet of water, west from the steam station to Ford Scholls. Surface lines were not productive today, but lead core and slide dipseys saved the day . Stinger and nk lite lures in uv with red, green and silver took some nice Steelheads and teenage King Salmon. Run divers 30 back and out 100; and riggers down 25-60 when the sun gets high. Pull everything from 2.6 -3mph and cover water and you will be in the game. No thermocline in site yet!

June 7, 2014: The thermo fence in 200-225 feet of water continues to hold the warm river water in from the Oswego River. Salmon, Steelheads and Lake Trout are being taken right out front from the surface to fifty feet down. Riggers, boards, leadcore and copper  are all producing with a spoon. The bite is continuing on UV stingers, dream weavers and warrier spoons. Troll at 2.5-3.0 for best results. Set slide divers 30 ft back and 80-100 ft of line. Enjoy the great fishing.

June 5, 2014: The cold water in 200 feet of water off of Oswego is 37 degrees and this unusual left over from the winter is not a bad thing for our fishing. This strong, the thermo fence is holding the warm river water in 120-160 feet of water. Steelhead, King Salmon and Lake Trout and Brown Trout are there. The surface, down to 40 ft is producing nice catches on riggers, slide divers, lead core and inline and regular planer boards. Any spoons pulled at 2.5. – 2.8 mph with red highlites (especially stingers) are the ticket. Spread out off of shore, have some fun and enjoy the great action close to the river.

June 1, 2014: The fishing on the first day of June continues to be productive in Oswego. The south wind has blown the mudline off of the shoreline. Brown Trout are biting at first light and it’s all over by 8:00 am. Browns are being taken on stingers in 20 feet of water, between Cemetary Hill, east past Four Mile Point, with leadcore and riggers down to 15 feet. When the sun gets high, go north to 130-180 feet of water and fish the top forty feet. Add slide dipseys, 100-200 ft of copper with weighted surface lines, with dolphin stingers, along with new uv models, pulled 2.5 – 2.8 mph. Cover water and enjoy some great action for Steelhead and spring King Salmon.

May 26, 2014: The bite was toughter than mid week, but the river flow is still holding a lot of cold water fish. The lake temp. is still in the low 40’s, so setting up in the river influence is best. Making an east turn toward Four Mile Point, on a long troll toward the nuke plant is producing Steelhead on the surface; using Stingers and Dream Weaver spoons, uv variety with red or orange highlites, with a split shot back, 100 ft off of the boards; or three colors of leadcore. Glow spoons early, in 40-80 feet of water, with riggers down 5- 40 feet are taking a few King Salmon. Four Mile Point to Bayshore in 10-20 feet of water are producing nice Brown Trout, 3-10lbs with Smithwicks off the boards and two color leadcore and riggers down 5-7 feet, back 60-70 ft. Leader down to 8-10 lb, florocarbon for better results. Lake trout are in 100-110 feet of water, in front of the Norvelus Plant on the bottom and are taking cowbells and peanuts and fireplugs.

May 21, 2014: Salmon fishing was hotter than a 4th of July firecracker today for several charter boats out of the Oswego Marina! The warm, strong flow out of the river has drawn some nice King Salmon our way. All the action was east from Four Mile to the nuke plant in 65-80 feet of water. E-chips and Spin Doctors, glow colors with hammer flys down 35-70 ft off riggers and slide divers and dipseys were very good. Spoons in new UV colors also produced. Nobody fished for Brown Trout today. The Proteus has weekend openings call me to get in on this great action!

May 20, 2014: The river flow winding east out of the Oswego River continues to hold a great variety of fish and makes the fishing action good close to Oswego. Planer boards off the surface with Smithwicks, Rapalas and Rebels are doing the damage in 15-20 feet of water, off Four Mile Point. The 57-59 degree river water has been the best. Several charter boats have trolled out to 50-80 feet of water, off of Bayshore and are running riggers down 40-60 feet with spoons and e-chips and spin doctors with flys. They have taken several nice King Salmon. Lake Trout are hitting cowbells and peanuts on the bottom in 100-110 feet of water, off of the Norvelus Plant. Slide dipseys and 200 copper also working for King Salmon and Steelhead. Keep your fishing in the river influence for good action. Proteus Sportfishing has some Memorial Day openings. Call or text me at 315-727-5554 to try your luck.

May 16, 2014: Weather conditions take center stage again in the Oswego fishery. West of the harbor, iced out and clear with strong south winds and clear water. The river influence above warm water, flowing east, is producing some nice Brown trout and a few Salmon too. Smithwicks off the boards and spoons off riggers, down 7-10 are also producing. There are reports of some nice King Salmon being caught in 50-150 feet of water, down 40-80 ft. If you commit to that program, Lake trout are plentiful in 100-110 feet of water, on the bottom in front of Norvelus plant. Stay in the warm water flow for production.

May 11, 2014: Temperature is making the differance in catching fish or not. The lake is 37 degrees and fish are scattered from the surface to 80 feet. The Oswego river is 55 degrees. The west wind is holding good water and nice Brown trout along with some Salmon and Lake trout They are in the stained water and holding in 10-20 feet, east of Four Mile to the nuke plant. Tennessee shad rebels and Smithwicks with white bellys was best with T-spoons off of riggers and down 6 ft. Good Lake trout fishing in 100-110 feet of water, off Norvellus with cowbells and peanuts. Some King Salmon are being caught at the river front, 30-60 feet down on spoons, where the cold meets the warm river water. Happy Mothers Day to our ladies.

May 3, 2014: The strong water flow out of the Oswego river continues to attract and hold a variety of cold water fish within five miles east or west of the river. On my first charter this morning, we decided to head east and fish the 48 degee water that was productive yesterday. A few bites off of 4 Mile Point and a small brown off of the boards was all we could do. We picke.d up and ran to Burt Point west of the college. Although it was only 45-46 degrees, the water flow out of Rice creek was being pinned to the point. A black and copper T- spoon four feet down off the rigger took a 14 lb Brown trout. After that we got 16 bites taking King Salmon, Steelhead, Brown trout and Lake trout. They were caught off of boards, inlines and riggers with Smithwicks, 100 feet back and t-spoons down 5, back 70 feet. The color black with Copper back spoons and white belly Smithwicks was todays ticket. Thre were reports of King Salmon up to 18 lbs being taken in front of the river where muddy meets clear water. The 2014 spring fishing is like it was two years ago. There are alot of anglers smiling! I have good dates availible. Come to Oswego to enjoy some of our fishing action!

April 29, 2014: West coast was the productive side of the river today for one experiened charter boat Captain out of the Oswego Marina. The hard northeast wind this morning has iced out the east shoreline and scattered the Brown trout. The only good report was one boat that hugged the points west of SUNY Oswego and ran planer boards close to the beach. The water was a little stained. Smithwicks off of planers and inlines and small spoons, 60-80 feet back off of riggers, 3-4 feet down was the ticket. You must find warm water now. Cold and gin clear water makes for an empty box. The old fox had a limit of bigger Browns for his guests and got me tuned in on the wind and temp. as is so important this time of year. Keep checking later in the week for more reports.

April 27, 2014: The brown trout fishing in Oswego continues to be hot. A few charter boats out of Oswego Marina have had great reports. The strong water flow out of the river is now 48 degrees and the stained water is a magnet for Browns, Lakers and some Steelhead. The best action has been from Four Mile Point east to Bayshore in 7-15 feet of water. There are some bigger Browns mixed in; some up to 10 lbs. Light tackle and leaders, 8-10 lb test with small U-snaps are best. Various color Smithwicks, Rapala’s and Jr.Thunderstiks off boards and in lines are best. Riggers down 4-6 feet with small spoons are good too. Match the bait fish everyday. Smaller is better now. My first charter is next Saturday after two shakedowns and we anticipate good action Watch for further reports this week

April 21, 2014: Ice out Browns are the word of the day in Oswego. The flow out of the river is a big magnet. River leech water is now 50 degrees and the stained water is a perfect combination to banner brown trout. Stick baits off of planer and in line boards (smithwicks, rapalas and Jr. Thundersticks) are the ticket. Anything with orange bellies is being snapped at. Fish are in 7-14 feet of water. Stay out of gin clear water. If the north wind holds the warm water tight to shore, the brown trout will stay active. This year looks like one of the better brown trout years. Several good dates are availible with www.proteussportfishing.com.

April 18, 2014: Great reports out of Oswego Marina on ice out browns. Heavy water flow leeching out of the harbor east has warmed the lake water five degrees and the browns are awake. Two early charter boats made long trolls from the harbor, east, to Wine Creek and boated 20-30 browns, 2-6 lbs. Some Atlantic Salmon and small Steelhead were also taken. Boats working in 9-15 feet of water. Everything was taken on side planers and flat lines. Orange bellie smithwicks in muddy water was best and the bite lasted all morning. The Browns and Proteus are open for business “come on down!”

April 13, 2014: Made it through another long, hard winter and I am anxiously waiting to drop the Proteus in the water this coming Friday, April 19th. The lake temperature is now 39 degrees. The the river is ripping. All ice out fishermen should show great caution because of alot of debris and fast water. Fish the edges, looking for a degree or two of warmer water. Troll slow 1-5 to 1-8 mph with dark stickbaits or bright and glow smithwicks and rapala’s with 8-10 lb test line and small u-snaps. Browns will start getting active in water temps over 48 degrees. Make sure you wear your life jackets as it is the law until May. Good luck!

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