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2015 Reports

September 13, 2013: The hard northeast wind has made a short weekend for most of the charter fleet in Oswego. A few boats got out Saturday morning before being chased off by high winds and big water. The water temperature in the lake and river dropped a few degrees, but not enough to generate a substantial salmon run. It appears that the salmon run is going to be a few weeks late, like last year when it was October before we had numbers in the river. The magic temperature in the river is 60 degrees when the salmon start snapping. Anybody fishing the lake shouldn’t worry about temperature. If they have marks, just fish the fish. The Oswego staging area appears to be Bayshore again. Nobody can figure out why. A combination of applications should work including echips and cutbait, A-Tom-Mik flys and flashers and stingray spoons and jplugs. Boat traffic is way down after Labor Day. It’s a good time to enjoy the fall fishery.

September 9, 2015: The salmon season continues in Oswego but it has been a great challenge. No rain, a lake surface temp of 76 degrees and river temp has made our King Salmon very stubborn and unpredictable. The best action has been early morning and late afternoon from the five stacks east to Bayshore, the staging area for Oswego salmon. Yesterday the best action for me was 45-55 down over 55-75 feet of water, on UV echips and cutbait and Chartreuse chips with gliw A-Tom-Mik Flys. Dipseys set at 2 /half 110-112 was a good producer too. Try to stay away from boats and don’t worry about temperature as the fish are thinking spawning and will come out of warm water this time of year. Check out my Facebook page at Proteus Sport Fishing to see what we’re catching. I have some late season dates available as the Salmon are taking their time to stack up again this year. It’s a late run again this year.

August 27, 2015: The weather has been the main factor as usual on the Salmon run in Oswego. The whole fleet is tied up in their slips today as two back to back good weather days haven’t occurred in the last three weeks. Good numbers of mature King Salmon are starting to show up in front of Oswego Harbor and within a five mile radius, along the shoreline. Fish one rod in 58-60′ water and the others in cold water and this should produce some action for you. Echip’s with cutbait and flys and divers with spoons are producing some nice Kings. Hopefully the weather improves so everyone can get out.

August 17, 2015: Salmon fishing in Oswego has been very quiet for over a week. Bait fish is mostly non existent along the eastern basin. Hopefully things will change. The best catches of King Salmon have been taken over 600 feet of water by a few boats. Plan on burning a lot of fuel. Some nice catches of Brown Trout have been taken between Four Mile Point and Bayshore on small spoons, down 70-85 feet over 100-110 feet of water. Cover water and keep the water fleas off your lines.

August 2, 2015: Salmon fishing is in full gear in Oswego, weather permitting. Good catches of both mature and immature King Salmon are being taken from west Nine Mile all the way east to the Nuke plant. Fish are being taken in and out of temperature from 80-120 feet down over 230-330 feet of water on stingray stingers and flashers, flys as well as paddles and cut bait. Wicked current from west to east has made temperature and down speed critical and constant changes in different items depending on light conditions. A hard blow Saturday helped push the water fleas further east and Sunday was very tolerable. Hopefully more big fish will start showing up in Oswego every day. Come on up to enjoy our fishery. Proteussportfishing has some good 2015 dates left in the reservation book. Give me a call.

July 26, 2015: The Salmon action was good in the deep water from 200-500 off of Oswego. The charter fleet took nice catches of King Salmon from 70-110 down on echips, spin doctors, and stingray stingers; off  of riggers, wire divers and copper rigs. Charterboats figured out the strong currents produced the best. Try to stay away from boats, look for bait and cover water for the best action. This weekend’s King Salmon were the largest of the season so far. It looks like Salmon season is in full swing.

July 18, 2015: Oswego is in full mid summer Salmon mode with good numbers of King Salmon in the three year classe.They are cruising for bait in a three mile circle around the Oswego Harbor. Fish were taken today in 80-230 feet of water, in the upper water column as the northeast wind this past Wednesday hiked up the termocline from 30-50 feet. Today fish were taken on 200-300 feet of copper, five colors of leadcore and dipsey divers 150-180, # 3 setting. Find bait schools and start fishing and you should have success.I have several good charter dates available on my boat to enjoy some good fishing.

July 12, 2015: King Salmon are finally starting to show up on the eastern basin of Lake Ontario in dribs and drabs. The charter fleet is taking some nice Kings in 150-400 feet of water, down 80-110 feet . Glow echips and flys early, mixed in with stingray stingers, glow early and UV in the sun light. Dipsy divers and copper rigs have been the most productive over the last few days with some cutbait rigs also taking some fish. North and south troll the last few days is the only direction catching fish because of strong west currents. It appears that Salmon season is here and more numbers are arriving daily.

July 5, 2015: It appears that the eastern end of Lake Ontario, off of Oswego is starting to form a termocline and attract some baitfish to the area. Charterboats have to choose early morning Brown Trout in 30-60 feet of water, east and west of the harbor in water temps of 58-62 degrees, using spoons on riggers and leadcore. If you dedicate your first light fishing to King Salmon, start out in 150 feet of water and troll north until you find baitfish. Divers set from 160-240, number two setting with echips, glow white and green with short flys, 21-22 inches have taken a few mature Kings. Cover water and look for bait. Lets hope that the weather stays stable to attract more of the “big silvers.”

June 26, 2015: Everything going on with the Lake Ontario fishery is weather related. A couple of stable days with south winds have started to set things up in 450-550 feet of water, north and northeast of Oswego. Some nice Steelhead and Lake Trout were taken from the surface to fifty feet down on riggers, lead core and dipsey’s with spoon with red hightlites being the best application. It looks like this afternoon and early morning Saturday will be OK until the lake blows up out of the northeast again This has been a trying season so far, with unusual rain and winds dictating everything. Hopefully things will stabilize soon and a termocline will set up so we can do a little fishing. Hopefully there will be better days ahead.

June 12, 2015: The cold water in the eastern basin around Oswego has really scattered the fish and the termocline seems to be weeks away. Some Brown Trout were taken between Four Mile east and the nuke plant in 10-20 feet of water. The best action for Brown Trout were long trolls west of Ford Scholls all the way to west of Nine Mile. Applications for the Browns were stick baits off planers and leadcore and small spoons off riggers. The only Lake Trout bite was on the bottom in 130 feet of water off Four Mile Point. Some scattered King Salmon and Brown Trout were taken in 200-300 feet of water, down 30 feet. Cover water and cover the water column from the surface to fifty feet down.

June 7, 2015: The wind finally submitted this morning on the anniversary of D Day and myself and my guests from Virginia were able to fish. The north east wind pushed cold water and some stained water around, drawing in some Brown Trout from the surface to ten feet down. Natural color smithwicks and rebels gave us some Brown Trout action. Planer and inline boards were best with only one rigger strike. Heavy boat traffic, high sun and a stiff south wind scattered the Brown Trout. Several charter boats trolled out to about 200 feet of water and found some suspended Lake Trout and a few Steelhead from the surface to forty feet down. Some stable water and wind out of the north will hopefully bring some King Salmon back to Oswego.

May 30, 2015: There has been some outstanding off shore fishing for a few charter boats the last two days. The boats that were fortunate to have trips the last two days traveled dead north out of the Oswego Harbor, out to 150-200 feet of water. Active mature King Salmon and Steelhead were taken from 40-70 feet down at first light, on glow stingray size stinger spoons on riggers and diver rods. King Salmon were 12-18 lbs and Steelheads up to 30 inches were hitting on the same rigs. One charter boat captain said he had 20 hookups on a six hour outing. There is no thermocline yet.There is little bait but the fish are streaking up from 80-100 ft to hammer almost anything they can see. I get busy next weekend with charters. I definetley wish I had been fishing the last to days. Looks like a blowoff day tomorrow (Sunday) but stable weather is coming later in the week. I still have good openings in my calendar so come on up and enjoy the good fishing!

May 23, 2015: Enjoyed a beautiful but challenging morning on the water today out of Oswego. Myself and some friends decided at the last minute to fish the Little Jons Brown Trout Derby out of Mexico Bay. This little derby is for Brown Trout only and today the Brown Trout won. We managed to boat a nice eight pound Brown in 51 degree water on a small RR lure, down 14 feet on a rigger, in active bait in front of Rudy’s. The picture cleaned up fast. A couple of hours later we took an 11 lb., 6 oz., football Brown and a 12 lb King Salmon. We waited two more hours for a nice Steelhead off three colors of leadcore on a silver green stinger. There were reports of some good Brown Trout catches in the stained, in shore water east and west of the harbor. There were reports of some nice King Salmon out front, in 40-100 feet of water, down 25-50 feet. A lot of cold water still has the fish scattered but bait is showing up in good numbers. Fish early and cover water.

May 17, 2015: The very foggy conditions in Oswego this morning made it very challenging for the charter fleet. There is a lot of water in the forties east and west of the harbor. We ran a full spread on the boat with riggers, inline planers and slide dipsy’s. We managed to hook up to two King Salmon in 50 feet of water, a mile east of the harbor in 49 degree water on stingray stingers. The fleet had a tough time working the shoreline for Brown Trout because of  the conditions, but some were taken on stickbaits and small spoons. Nobody had any luck finding Lake Trout . It appears that more King Salmon are showing up off of Oswego and hopefully more bait sticks are around. Cover water and use different applications to get into some silver fish.

May 12, 2015: The heavy rain and northwest wind over the last two days has the cold water moving. A nice plume of stained water is coming out of the Oswego River. Nice catches of Brown Trout were taken off Rice Creek, to the west and Four Mile to Bay Shore to the east. Small stickbaits and spoons imitating Gobi’s with orange bellies worked best . Riggers down up to ten feet, two colors of lead core and planers are all good. The Lake Trout fishing during midmorning is the best from the front door, east past the five stacks. Cowbells and peanuts pulled on the bottom, between 1.5 – 1.8 mph are working well. Some King Salmon were taken at first light on the river temperature break, from 29-40 feet down, on large spoons. Fish are coughing up 7″ alewife’s. No temperature breaks for Rainbow Trout yet.

May 3, 2015: Gin clear, flat water on Lake Ontario made the early Brown Trout fishery at first light very short. The Proteus managed to take a few two year old Browns in the 48degree water, east of Four Mile Point. We hit them in 15 feet of water, down 8 ft, on gobie colered flutter spoons. We also took a small Rainbow Trout on a water melon teaspoon. The inshore fishery was all over by 8am and we moved out to 120 feet of water in front of Four Mile Point. We trolled west and found active Lake Trout on the bottom a half mile west toward the front door. Several nice Lake Trout were taken on cowbells and peanuts and the action was good and steady. My crew wanted to catch and release and missed fish were returned in good shape. Some rain and west, northwest wind is needed to bring back stained water. No reports of any Salmon this weekend but you have to fish for them to catch them. Stay tuned later in the week to see how everything plays out.

May 2, 2015: The northeast wind in Oswego over the last few days has cleared up the mud line leeching out of the river, flowing east toward Nine Mile Point. The gin clear water has slowed the Brown Trout fishing a little. People catching Browns have been fishing in 10-20 feet of water, using planer boards with smithwicks and flutter spoons, off riggers and leadcore. Lake Trout have saved the day from Four Mile to the nuke plant. They are in 110-120 feet of water, on the bottom. Cowbell rigs with fireplugs and wobble glows have taken Lake Trout up to 20 lbs. Water temp is very important for Brown Trout. Anything in the high 40’s is the most productive. West, northwest winds will bring the temperature and Brown Trout back. A few King Salmon have been taken out in front of the harbor in 39-50 feet of water, down 20-50 ft, on spoons. Cover water and look for bait.

April 18, 2015: The Proteus is rigged, ready and in fishing firm already. I left the dock in Oswego at 8:25 am with my mate and some friends. We set up in the harbor and looked for warm, muddy water in search of Oswego’s favorite spring fish, Lake Ontario Brown Trout. 48 degree water was our ticket. Small flutter spoons off of riggers and stick baits with orange bellies were the only thing that worked. We took all of our action off of side planers, 100 ft. back; and a couple of riggers down 5 ft., back 70 ft. We boated nine nice Browns with the two largest being 9 and 10 pounds. The fish are all “footballs” or “mini footballs”. It looks good for our spring action. Watch carefully for debris in the water as there is a strong flow washing into the lake from the south. Stay tuned this week for more reports.

April 13, 2015: My first fishing report for the season is a short 2-1/2 minute video. It may take about 30 seconds to load before playing. If you are trying to watch the video from an Android device, you can download the free Wondershare player for Android at: http://www.wondershare.com/video-player/android-media-player.html. The water temperature is around 43 degrees and the Brown Trout are hitting.


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