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2016 Reports

August 21, 2016: After alot of wind from all directions and temperatures going up and down like a yoyo for the last week, King Salmon are showing up off of Oswego. The best fishing over the last three days has been from 100-150 fow, from in front of the harbor west to Ford Scrolls. Kings are coming in 48-60 degree water with a variety of applications including spoons, flashers and fly’s and cut bait rigs. Riggers, dipsy divers and copper rigs are all working . There are more King Salmon showing up everyday . I have good fishing dates available for the salmon run. Come to the “Big O” to enjoy our great fishery!

July 31, 2016: Fishing in Oswego has been challenging the past three days thanks to northeast wind blowing in cold water that took down the thermocline. A couple of small King Salmon and a Brown Trout on Friday, then four nice Browns on Saturday were the sum of the weekend. Everything came on stinger or pro king spoons. All fish were caught 35-60 feet down over 100 ft of water at the temperature break of 55degrees, which was only 33 feet down. Stable water after some west-northwest winds should get our temperature and Salmon back. Stay tuned!

July 18, 2016: Oswego fishing had mixed results this past weekend depending on weather conditions. Saturday’s bite was best in the first two hours if your crew could tolerate three to five foot waves. Salmon were taken from 100-150 ft down on spoons , flashers and fly’s and cut bait. I managed to get out a couple of hours late and only fished for a two hours Until a green crew chased us back to port. Sunday’s bite was slow for us but we managed to boat a small King Salmon and a nice Rainbow Trout. Sunday afternoon we dialed in a nice spoon program east of the harbor 105 ft down over 110 fow. Fish came off the bottom in 57-59 degree water and we hit our first quad of the year starting with a small King Salmon on a rigger , stuck a eight pound Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout on a diver and rigger and then slammed a nasty King Salmon on a wire diver that ran out 840 ft of wire. We finally being conquered and it weighed 26lbs. Salmon season is in full swing now. Good dates available!

July 10, 2016: The weekend in Oswego was cut short today by strong northwest winds. It was a mixed bag of different species of Trout and Salmon on Friday and Saturday. Several nice Brown Trout were take in 75-110 feet of water, in front of the five stacks east to the Nuke plants. They were taken on spoons in 59-62 degree water on riggers and divers. I heard of a few mature Salmon being taken in 200-300 feet of water on echips and fly’s, as well as cut bait. A shortage of bait fish and cold water has kept large numbers of King Salmon scattered. This time of year is on our side for the “silvers” to show up. Stay tuned for action to improve. Good dates still available for The Proteus. Call or text me at 315-727-5554.

July 4, 2016: Mixed bag, deep water trolling is what is happening on the Big O in Oswego. The winds have been calm for the last three days and the thermocline is within reach with riggers . King Salmon and Steelhead are being taken from 110-145 feet down on stingray stingers. There are reports that echips and flashers with cut bait are also producing . Water fleas are in full bloom so check your lines often. The best action today was on the 150 foot line, from the five stacks to the Nuke plant. The best trolling was from west to east. The currents prohibited trolling from east to west. Good fishing and good charter dates are available!

June 24, 2016: The cold water and bait showed up yesterday off of Oswego and it brought the King Salmon with it. Charter boats went straight out of the harbor to 150 feet of water and found bait and fish down 100-120 feet. The information I got says that mature Kings, 15-25 lbs are being taken on medium size spoons in a variety of colors. I have several openings in July. Come on up and catch some Kings with me!

June 23, 2016: Today, for the first time in three weeks, there are reports of mature King Salmon out of Oswego. There were reports of a couple of nice catches in 150 feet of water, down 120 feet. Hopefully this is the beginning of a nice salmon fishery. Sting Ray stinger spoons were the ticket today. I have several good dates available for the rest of the season including this weekend. Saturday and Sunday there is no license required to fish!

June 14, 2016: The weather the last ten days has been the whole story with the Lake Ontario fishery out of Oswego. Very high winds out of the west-northwest kept the whole charter fleet tied up until today. A few boats were out for an hour or two. The thermocline is below 160 feet of water. After the recent rain there is some water flow coming out of the river which put Brown Trout back in play early in the morning. They were hitting on spoons. Inline boards with lead core as well as riggers are all good applications. Start looking for Lake Trout again on the bottom in 120-160 feet of water. Look for King Salmon in 48-54 degree water. Cover water and just fish. Good Luck!

June 5, 2016: The fishing on the eastern end of the lake out of Oswego had been a challenge for the past three weeks. The typical spring Brown Trout fishery has been a non stater due to lack of river leech water. This has made the lake water gin clear and has scattered the Browns. The charter fleet has had to rely on Lake Trout which are being caught in 130-160 feet of water in a five mile west to east path off of Oswego Harbor. Hard northwest winds this week would be the best thing in order to bring Salmon to our end of the lake. Lake Trout have been taken near the bottom with cowbell rigs with peanuts and fireplugs, as well as flutter spoons off of lead core rigs throughout the water column. Good fishing will be here soon!

May 12, 2016: I got a late start to the 2016 season because of my new boat. Outfitting is finally done and we are under way. I pre-fished a few times before the outing and I am very high on this season. My crew wanted silver fish so we ran west to Burt Point looking for Brown Trout near shore. Gin clear water and flat seas made that call a negative one and we started trolling out to deep water off the green can. We picked up a nice steelhead on a gobie colored Smith will, off the boards to break the ice. We covered alot of water from 48-46 degrees on the surface and picked up three nice immature King Salmon off the boards on sticks. One slam on a rigger down 34 ft went away. We generated another four strikes. The west area where we fished had very little bait . Another report on Brown Trout was the same because of clear water, no flow and sunny skies. Lake Trout are available on the bottom in 120-150 feet of water in a five mile stretch from Ford Scrolls to Bayshore. They are hitting on bell rigs with peanuts or flutter spoons three feet off the bottom. Until we get rain or stained water after this weekend’s blow, I recommend working out to 300 feet of water and back in. Cover the surface down to 60ft. Anybody’s chance is as good as the next now. I am open for business and I can be reached at www.proteussportfishing.com or cell phone 315-727-5554.



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